RenAIssance Foundation

On April 12, 2021, the Holy Father Francis, upon the proposal of His Excellency Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, established the renAIssance Foundation, with public canonical juridical personality. The renAIssance Foundation is located in the Vatican City State, at the Pontifical Academy for Life, and is an instrumental entity of that Academy.

The renAIssance Foundation is a non-profit organization with the objective of supporting the anthropological and ethical reflection of new technologies on human life, promoted by the Pontifical Academy for Life. It is registered in the register of NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) with the Governorate of Vatican City State.

To achieve these goals, the renAIssance Foundation aims to promote, among people qualified for their scientific, ecclesial, cultural, entrepreneurial and professional commitment in society, an anthropological and ethical reflection on artificial intelligence and new technologies; to encourage scientific initiatives and collaboration with International Bodies, Sovereign States, universities, research centers, private and public companies that develop activities, services and studies in the field of artificial intelligence to disseminate the Rome Call for AI Ethics; to promote fundraising to support these activities.

H.E. Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia


Prof. Paolo Benanti

Scientific Director

Don Andrea Ciucci

Secretariat coordinator

Davide De Persis

Project manager

Elisabetta Curzel


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