You can join the Rome Call for AI ethics as an Organization or as an individual (endorser).


For an effective dissemination of the Call, we are seeking organizations that:

  • in terms of size, credibility, and impact, have the possibility of giving a decisive acceleration to the development of AI Ethics in strategic sectors (development and technological innovation, food safety, health, education, research, etc.).
  • have the opportunity to lead the international debate by advocating the Call’s principles.
  • have demonstrated over time, and through concrete actions, that they want to commit and invest in the development of AI Ethics.
  • have not implemented policies or undertaken actions that are incompatible with the Call’s principles.

We require that the Organizations endorsing the Call do the following:

  • to make concrete commitments to apply the principles laid out in the Call;
  • to pledge to promote the Call’s principles in their strategic areas of action, also involving other partners as potential signatories;
  • to commit to report the initiatives undertaken according to the principles of transparency and accountability;
  • to give visibility to the Call in their respective areas of action;

We offer the following to the Organizations that endorse the Call:

  • The possibility to officially join the Call;
  • The possibility to join a network of organizations committed to support the development and ethical use of AI.
  • Visibility of their endorsement of the Call on our website.


For an effective dissemination of the Call, we are seeking endorsers who:

  • have the possibility – by experience or role – to influence the stakeholders and organizations targeted by the Call (policy makers, UN agencies, other international stakeholders, universities, etc.);
  • have the opportunity to propel the Call’s relevance in the debate on issues related to AI Ethics;

We require the following of our endorsers:

  • The commitment to promulgate the Call and introduce its contents into strategic contexts,
  • The willingness to participate in communication initiatives aimed to disseminate and promote the Call,
  • The willingness to report the results of their commitment at the annual event.

We offer our endorsers the following advantages:

  • The possibility to be informed and participate in the Call’s promotional events.
  • The possibility to network with other endorsers.
  • Visibility of their endorsement to the Call on our website.